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Social Venture for Indonesia is a community and fellowship program to facilitate young entrepreneurs collaborate with coops in increasing the export value.

As the feedback, SOVI fellows will obtain reward equity in the coop, so that the success export will be mutual success between SOVI fellow and coop. 

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We strive to provide best-in-class quality products by working closely with horticultural experts to oversee the process in detail and ensure that it meets your high standards.


We believe co-ownership with co-operatives/farmer groups provide the best incentive alignment for long-term growth. We also place a high priority on disclosing the truth of the matter through the various eyes of our stakeholders in order to create a system that benefits all parties involved in our organization.


We source directly from smallholder farmers and know our producers by name – should you ask for it. We only add values where values can be added and strive to create long-term values that create mutual benefits to all our stakeholders.

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Why Choose Us?

We drive efficiency and equity across our supply chain in attempt to create inclusive long-term values. Every single purchased by you, our buyers, directly impact smallholder farmers in tangible and ways. Finally, our farmers strive to keep improving their products meaning that we will continue to improve our quality, while maintaining our impact goal, on a yearly basis.

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Jl. Palem Putri III Taman Yasmin Sektor V, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16112, Indonesia

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